Traditionally trained in the way of a full fledged classic artist, E.S. completely envelopes and personifies the life of a living artisan/craftsman. Raised by the “Street Art” culture, where writing graffiti, air brushing t-shirts, and painting storefront murals, paved the way to make a living as a young teenager. Then, enrolling in a Classic Arts training program in an affluent Greenwich Connecticut art school, set the course on a life long journey for this dedicated bright young creative.

Decades of combined ethics from true, tattoo street-shop experiences and hardcore graffiti writing, along with a multitude of different job titles in the professional art field, E.S. truly lives up to the title of ARTIST.

Thirty years of professional experience has bestowed him with a knowledgeable savvy and an unsurpassed sense for client relations.

E.S. is an artist with a vision ahead of his time, with history to prove it. Any creation encountered by this artist will surely stop your mind in its tracks with a flood of thought provoking imagery.

Creatively, the years of experience has amounted a wealthy databank of ideas and a high respect by his peers as one of the most versatile artist in the NorthEastern United States. Numerous global travels have humbled and influenced this artist in various ways and he brings it all home to you in packages of canvas paintings, murals, and tattoos. Feel welcomed when encountering this artist, for he stands only to enhance your life through one of his creations for your skin and/or home.