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Ink Side Out Tattoo, founded in 2004. Our philosophy is that, as with most products and services these days, you get what you pay for. When it comes to tattoos, what you're paying for is (read: should be) experience, professionalism, and longevity. At Ink Side Out Tattoo, that's exactly what you're gonna get, in spades! Regaled as the Fairfield County's King of the Custom Ink, Ink-Side-Out's clean, warm, lounge-style interior and low-key, friendly ambiance could tempt even the most skittish to throw preconceived notions about tattoo parlors to the wind. Don't be afraid: The pros here, Josh Glasser is a serious artist and works with his clients to create art that caters to the heart, mind and creative force of each individual's taste. He is commissioned to ink everything from portraits to bio-mechanical designs; from tiny, modest butterflies and flowers, to full sleeves and back murals and they also do piercings of all kinds. Located on Wall Street since 2004, the clientèle represents a broad spectrum of people from a surprising range of backgrounds.

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